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Human resources, or HR, is more than just a label or another department within your organization. It’s a demarcation of essential skills and expertise. HR professionals are vital to your growing business, but it can be enormously challenging to assemble the right team and form the ideal HR structure to support organizational goals and foster stability. We can help.


For most businesses, there is a need for a wide range of HR skills, which requires hiring multiple professionals and assembling an entire human resources team. Achieving that goal can be time-consuming in the extreme, with many pitfalls and problems encountered along the way. Scaleocity Works changes that by offering fractional HR solutions tailored to meet your unique needs and requirements both today and in the future.


The Expertise You Need

Scaleocity Works brings multiple levels of HR expertise to bear, ensuring an ideal fit with your in-house teams. We are capable of connecting you with any level of HR expertise necessary, from human resources directors to coordinators, and generalists with years of experience.

Our Solution to Your Challenges

At Scaleocity Works, we believe in developing customized solutions for each client’s HR challenges. We begin by building a deep understanding of your needs and how those requirements will change over time. Then we develop a strategy to meet those needs and scale as your organization grows. 

Whether you’re helming a new startup or managing an established firm, our HR framework is based on leading best practices to monitor performance, improve recruiting effectiveness, mitigate risk, and team alignment with organizational goals.


Fractional HR

Need a strategic HR partner to help drive people operations? We can provide an on-site HR executive through our HR Flex solution. Full time HR at a fraction of the rate.

Integrated HR

Our integrated HR solution blends the both of best worlds. We integrate within the organization and support the organization throughout the entire employee lifecycle. We help drive your people operations both on and off premise.

HR Helpdesk

Just looking for a trusted HR professional that you can call with questions? Our HR Helpdesk provides that safety net. Get a trusted HR partner assigned to your organization, available to guide you through the most challenging HR situations.

Compliance Solutions

Our HR consultants can review the organizations HR systems and processes to ensure compliance and risk mitigation. Whether the organization needs a new payroll, time & attendance or HRIS technology solution, we the tools necessary for tomorrow’s workforce.

Scaleocity Works was established to help business owners and C-Suite executives achieve organizational and operational greatness, empowering their teams and helping them become the employer of choice.


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